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New Korean Laws - 아청법


The Korean government has recently passed a law that says, in it’s most basic form, “Anyone found as a creator, seller, or buyer of materials containing adolescent pornography will be punished as a sexual offender.”

Okay, well, that makes sense to stop the production of such things, they’re no good after all, right?

This wouldn’t be such a problem if the rules weren’t as ambiguous as hell.

More specifically, the law states the following counts

   Any appearances that could be seen as a teen/child
   Any type of pornography from explicit sex to being semi-nude (think mini skirts or swimming suits)
   Any media from illustrations, games, videos, films, etc.

Of course, it is purely up to the investigator to decide if the subject is an adolescent or not, or if the act is porn or not.

This means I could draw an 80-year-old man in just shorts, and be sent to jail if the investigator thinks the man looks like a teenager in a revealing outfit.

Jail?  Surely I am exaggerating? But no, it is the truth: people who are caught breaking this law can be either sent to prison for several years or fined a 20,000$ equivalent, and they will lose their job in the entertainment industry.

Who’s in danger?  Anyone who is a South Korean citizen, regardless of where they live.  Illustrators and animators in America can be removed with no consequence, and even small freelance artists and game developers can lose their jobs and have their projects revoked.

Personal privacy is no issue either; sending a picture to a friend via SMS can and will land you a place in jail if the material is considered adolescent porn.  Even worse, the government has set up a system where people can get paid for turning others in who violate this law.  One person had even linked 1700 personal websites, many of which were casual art blogs for Korean artists.

How can you help?  First, stop reblogging the works of Korean artists on Tumblr, and delete any posts if the original post has been deleted.  Even if the original post is gone, Tumblr will still link to the blog that posted it, revealing the creator. Second, spread the word.  Let people know that this new law has already caught hundreds of artists who’s art is considered pornographic only by the police. Finally, respect those who have decided to delete their website or blog.  They have done it to ensure that no one can falsely turn them in or be unfairly thrown in prison.

This a ridiculous law, but it’s been passed and has caused a huge issue in the South Korean online community.  Any media before September 2012 is safe, but after that the law is in place.  Please help South Korean artists to stay safe!


In other words, be careful what you send to people because you could dig yourself a deeper hole.
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Group Info

Who are we? What are we?

We're just people--or so we say--with one common interest. That interest would be One Piece, a fabulous adventure story in manga form written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda. Here, as in this group, we would like to give a fun environment for all forms of fan art, fan fiction and just regular discussion of what we love about what we're here for.

Want to be a member? C'mon and join in. Just remember that we like to have members active! Meaning bring out the whips and chains, we're getting kinky!

No... not really... but we're here to have fun.

So click the join button... we dare you~!

Founded 5 Years ago
Apr 23, 2011


Group Focus
Common Interest

80 Members
58 Watchers
7,245 Pageviews
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-Keep it classy. :iconisayplz:
When dealing with other people in this group try to keep things civil. If you have bad blood with someone take it outside the club and deal with it on your own terms.

-Folders, just like cannons on a ship, they are there for a reason.
When submitting art, stamps, or stories please try to keep things organized in their respective folders.

-Aside from the obvious fanart and fanfiction this is a few notes on some things that people might wonder about what is accepted into this group or not.

What is Accepted:

Like them or hate them they are allowed here, it's part of the fandom and it's good to see other's creativity.

-Pairings, Hetero, Yaoi, Yuri, Genderbending, it's all accepted.
All you need is love~!
:iconmonkeydluffyplz::iconportgasdaceplz: :iconsaysplz: We feel pretty!
:icondressplz: :icondressplz:

-Mature content
This is accepted, but please keep these pieces to their designated folders. If it's anything that is graphic it may be good to use content filters or warnings on them.

-There is a special folder designated for art and stories that is not for One Piece, this folder though will have limited amount of submissions per week because we do need to stay on focus.

What is NOT Accepted:

-Screen shots
I'm talking about taking screenshots of anime or what not and posting that as art. If it's fake screenshots, that's a horse of a different color, so long as it is actually your own artwork.

-Stolen Art
Come on people, this should be a given, don't steal art from other deviants. :iconfacepalmplz:

If you find these violations in our gallery then please tell us through note so we can have them removed.

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